Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Of Parking Space and Temporarily Out Of Service ATMs

With Eidifitri in just over a week's time, as usual Chukai town's very limited parking spaces will be packed by cars, more so at night where shopping frenzy is at its peak.

Many double park or just park their cars whenever there is a space, be it at corners or where they are not supposed to park or more irritatingly where it poses danger or difficulties to other road-users.

Strangely enough, when traffic police or MPK Enforcement officers are really needed, they are no where to be seen.

MPK really needs to find solution to this never-ending problem - insufficient parking space.

Why not build more high-rise parking areas? Why not distribute commercial areas aout of the present already congested town?

Then there is this equally irritating "Temporarily Out Of Service" ATMs. It usually happens during weekends and public holidays. Why don't the banking authority act on this by having special task force to bring service to its ATMs, say within half an hour after the Temporarily Out Of Service sign appears on the machine.

Banks can do more to help the consumers in this aspect. Don't just charge for your services but instead do more to facilitate your service.

On the eve of our Independence day, I met many of my old friends at Ramli's Pappadelli. I was some what called to the restaurant that night even though I was already full.

Those that I met were Kamil, Kemaman District Officer (we we close buddies when I first started work in Terenggganu), Talhah, the son of Cikgu Hamid and one year my senior, Sidek, a once staff of Terengganu DVS and now a successful businessman and of course Zaki.